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How to fix boot error 0xc000000f in Windows Server 2008?

If you face with error like above picture, take note it's your BCD corrupted. You can fix that error as below. Boot your server with Windows CD/DVD and go to commmand prompt when you reach repair option. Type following command when you reach in Command Prompt Windows. >rename C:\Boot\BCD bcd.old >Boortrec /rebuildbcd >dispart >select disk 0 >select partition 1 >active >exit Restart the Server and Boot up with Hard Disk. You can see that your Server Windows is as in good working condition. Why this error come out??? It might be if meet with one/two or all of the following condition, - Virus infected system files - You had to use force shutdown the server that installed Hard Disk controller such as SCSI or RAID or etc. - You had to attach or deattach the NAS or USB Drive that connect with Server and that make change BIOS configuration. But you didn't notice to re-configure changed configuration and boot up server. Then server will