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Troubleshooting a black screen when logging into a Horizon View virtual desktop using web browser

I've setup VM Horizon View HTML Access before finished my VM View Project last few weeks ago. After that, I've tested and found out the error that is I can see only Black Screen after I login sucessful to View Access Login. But I've notice Windows is Active if I view from View Administrator and vSphere Console. I've checked throughly Security Server, Connection Server and Pool that all required Ports, Firewall Rules are enabled according to VMware and just confirm all requirements are deployed. Finally I've checked IPS in my network and found out two Traffice Normilazation Filters (TCP: Segment Overlap With Different Data & TCP Keep-Alive Message With 1 Garbage Octet)are need to enable for above error. Once I've enabled to allow this two filter, I could see the Windows sucessfully by using Web Browser. Great! Allow me explain more details about these two filters for your further understanding. You need to allow TCP: Segment Overlap With Diff