How to upgrade Symantec Backup Exec 2010 to 2012?

Last one month ago, I've got one experience in upgrading of Symantec backup exec 2010 to 2012.
I'd like to share my experience of it.

Let's do question what we will need before do the upgrading process,

1) Before upgrade it , what should I do? (Backup what?)

2) will the existing setting can directly import to 2012?

3) If fail, can I roll back to old version?

4) After download and extract SBE 2012, can I directly run it & auto upgrade to 2012?

5) Remote agent, CPS (Continuous Protection Server) console also need to upgrade to lastest version?

Here is the answer for above question,

1) Before upgrading stop SQL server BKUPEXEC service and make a copy of the DATA and

    CATALOGS folder. These folders are located at X:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec

2) When you perform an Inplace upgrade, all the jobs, policies, media sets and other settings are

    retained and imported into the new version.

3) If it fails, it will roll back to older version automatically. We also can roll back to older version by the help of backup DATA and CATALOGS

4) We may run the browser.exe which will initiate the upgrade process.

5) You need to manually update the remote agents either through the BE console or by copying installables on the remote server. But CPS is no more supported in BE2012.

OK... Let's do upgrading process,

1) Do update the latest update patches in SBE 2012. Stop SQL server BKUPEXEC service on the media server

2) Run the browser.exe from Extracted SBE 2012 and follow the instruction.

3) Do update the latest update patches after upgrading process done.

4) Reboot the server

5) Update the remote agents.

Symantec Backup Exec 2012 upgradeing completely done.

Note: You need to register the license file/serial number of Maintenance Contract from License Certificate that deliver from Symantec before do the upgrading process to get license file/serial number for Core software and remote agent.
         If not, your SBE 2012 will show "Trial Version". But that one can fix after registered the Maintenance Contract license on Symantec License Portal and grab license file/serial number that you purchase from Symantec.
         Then re-install those license via SBE Console License Option.

If you still not clear my post, you can watch the Video at below link,

May you all be happy.
( Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)