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Fortigate guide for Begineer - 3

Fortigate guide for Begineer - 1  Fortigate guide for Begineer - 2 We have two network Internet and Private network. These two are divide by Router. Now we are going to setup Fortigate between Private Network and Router. But we don't touch current configuration of Network as shown below picture. So, let's start install the Fortigate. But your Fortigate must be working with following task after configureation task done. - Fortigate must block access from Internet to Private Network. - Fortigate must allow the user to access Internet from Private Network. - Fortigate must able to Monitor the usage status of user for better protection. OK. Let's start.

How to reset the Administrator Password for Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console?

Last few days ago, I had to go down to customer place for the issue of some PC unable to get their Symanetc Endpoint Protection updates. First, I'd tired to re-install the SEP but it's not work the live update. Then I checked and notice that installer is not correct version that created by another one before. So, I was tried to log in to the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console on the server to make new SEP installer. SEP Manager Console can do installer package, remote push or Web Link Installer for Client and Server. But I don't have administrator password to log in and ask to the one who created before and got reply he forgot already. So, there is only one option to do. That is reset the password. Here are steps to do the administrator password reset for SEP Manager Console.

How to re-certify Lotus Notes ID Manually?

If you see above alert box, understand that you need to re-certify the user’s lotus notes ID. First export the user’s lotus notes ID as “SAFE.IDS” or get the expired  user’s lotus notes ID and save it on Removable Storage Drive or Shared Network Drive that can access from Domino Server. Then log in to Domino Server and click Configuration Tab, Expand Certification and select Certify as shown below. After that Click Certifier ID and choose cert.ID. Type correct password for Certification ID and click OK. Then Choose the SAFE.IDS or Expired User’s lotus notes ID that you saved at first step. Type the current user’s lotus notes password and click log in. Click Certify if you see prompt windows as shown below. Click NO if you see prompt windows as shown below. User ID re-certify task done from Domino Server Side. Go to user’s PC/Notebook, open lotus notes and Click File>Security>User Security Then you will see prompt windows that