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How to update to iOS7 without UDID registration on iPhone?

Today I'd like to share how to update to iOS7 without UDID registration. Take note, below steps can spolied or malfunction and lost all your data. So, test is as your own risk and any lost of your iPhone is not my responsibility. To do the updating task, you must be completed before requirement.

How to prevent "%Error opening tftp://" Error Message in Cisco Router?

During bootup of Cisco hardware through Cisco IOS software, error messages similar to below are displayed when you erase configuration and re-configure the cisco router as fresh new while WAN Link is connected and running: Router# %Error opening tftp:// (Timed out) %Error opening tftp:// (Timed out)

How to display and Export information about office 365 users in office 365 by using powershell?

As an office 365 administrator, you would definitely need to display and export some user information such as distribution group list, all user list and mailboxes, license information and etc. Most of those are cannot be manage from web portal or some are not convenient to manage on it. So, the only way to do is "Powershell". I've just collect some useful powershell command for displaying and exporting users information about office 365 users at below.

Adding a Disclaimer to email messages in Office 365

In most emails, you could notice some disclaimer like below... "The information of this e-mail is strictly confidential and...." "This email and all contents are privileged..." You can add those disclaimer in your office 365 environment too. Here is steps for how-to,

How to setup automap feature in Shared Mailbox for group of user in Office 365?

Usually, we got to add manually for Shared Mailbox to each permission granted user's outlook client. This is a bit OK for few users. But it will be problem if you have to add manually for many users. So, I'd like to show you how to setup automap feature by using powershell command when you granting permission for each user to shared mailbox.

How to permanently delete user account from deleted users without waiting 30 days in Office 365?

Have you encounter below errors after you have been deleted user account and recreated with the same UserPrincipalName in your office 365? DirSync reports: Unable to restore user from a deleted state because of following error(s): Value '' for property 'UserPrincipalName' conflicts with another object in the directory.Value ‘’ for property 'ProxyAddress' conflicts with another object in the directory. Users can sign into but not able to connect with a desktop client or mobile phone. Multiple users show up in your Global Address List (GAL) In Lync you see a the same user multiple times or you see deleted users

Save Myanmar People in Malaysia !!!

Many innocent Myanmar People was killed in Malaysia. It's happening day by day and the rest of Myanmar people are facing with fear. Save Myanmar People in Malaysia !!! Save Myanmar People in Malaysia !!! Save Myanmar People in Malaysia !!!

How to recovery/reset cisco routers password?

I've encounter customer forget their router password when I've got to change their old one with new one after they upgraded their Internet Line. Then I need to recovery/reset that password because of I need to check current router configuration to configure new router. OK...below is the steps to recovery/reset the cisco router,

How to revoke recipient permission from shared mailbox in offic 365?

Today, I'd like to share how to revoke recipient permission from shared mailbox in office 365. Powershell Syntax for this taks is as below, Revoke Full Access permissions for Shared Mailbox Remove-MailboxPermission  < Shared Mailbox Name or Full e-mail address>  -User   -AccessRights FullAccess Revoke Send As permissions for Shared Mailbox Remove-RecipientPermission   -AccessRights SendAs -Trustee   For example, I want to revoke the Full & Send As permission from that given from before. Before revoke those permissions, I'll check effected permission on to ensure. Use below powershell command to check the effected permission,

How to convert user mailbox into shared mailbox in office 365?

I'd like to share how to convert user mailbox into shared mailbox in office 365 today. But before going through, let me explain briefly what is shared mailbox and what can we use it for. A shared mailbox is a mailbox that multiple users can open to read and send e-mail messages. Shared mailboxes allow a group of users to view and send e-mail from a common mailbox. They also allow users to share a common calendar, so they can schedule and view vacation time or work shifts. Why set up a shared mailbox?

How to create Digital Signature by using Adobe Reader and webcam?

Hi,I'd like to share how to create digital signature by using adobe reader and webcam Today. But honestly I'd like to say it's only work with pdf format document and you need PC/Laptop with Webcam. Nowadays, we are working with electronics document and all of time we need our signature on that. So, mostly we print out document as hard-copy and do signature on that and scan that document again as completed document with signature. Don't you bother for this a lot of steps? Now I'm gonna show you how to bypass those boring steps.