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How to delete RSA Key in Cisco ASA Firewall?

If you are lazy bum network administrator or fresh network administrator, you could create RSA Key wrongly on your Cisco ASA Firewall sometimes I believe. In this kind of situation, most of network administrator (especially fresher) are don't know how to delete wronlgy created RSA Key as they used ASDM GUI Interface to create RSA Key. Here, I'd like to share a way how to delete this wrongly created RSA Key by using Command Line Interface for the one who still don't know how to. It's simple if you know that. First, login to your Cisco ASA and go to Global Configuration Mode and follow as below, ciscoasa>enable ciscoasa#configure terminal ciscoasa(config)#crypto key zeroize rsa label key-name ciscoasa(config)#exit ciscoasa#write memory Insert the name of RSA Key that you wrongly created previously in "key-name". Now, you're done in deleting wrongly created RSA Key and you can create new one correctly. But do not forget to put "labe

How to solve Canon Multi-Functional Printer unable to print with PIN Management via Print Server?

Last fews ago, I've got one task that to setup one Printer Server for another VMware View Project. So, I've setup Print Management Server on Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition R2 Service Pack 1. After Server Setup and Printers Setup done on Server, I tried test print on Workstation and the result is no issue when print out documents directly. But when I choose with Department PIN to print out documents for billing and secure purpose, it's not working. I've tried several methods what I knew based on my knowledge and Google Results, but still not resolve the issue till some time. After digging many resources on Google few days and found out one method to resolve the issue and it's resolved my issue. So, I'd like to share my experience to others who might facing this issue to resolve with east and less time consuming. The steps are as below, 1) Download Latest Driver for Your Canon Multi-Functional Printer/Copier on Your Server. But your drive sho