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7z Cracker, useful tool

I am very like 7zip Application among many of zip application because of easy to use, support many zip file format and handy. Sometime I need to zip and protected it with password by using 7zip for some important files. One day, I've forgot the password to unlock one of my important files. Then I seek application to unlock it and found out 7z Cracker as the best. It's really useful to crack your password protected files within few seconds even you give complex password. If you would like to try it or need urgently to unlock for your password protected files, you can download it from below link. But you also need to download 7za Application to work your 7z Cracker. Your pre-installed 7z application will not work for this and so download it from below link. You can reference Read Me file  for "How to use"  that include inside the 7z Cracker Appl

How to check the vpn user list and session in Cisco ASA 5520?

You've deployed Cisco ASA Firewall and setup Local AAA Server to create useraccount for IPSec VPN usage. As a network administrator, you've responsibility to check and monitor the list of vpn user and active session for security and audit purpose. You can use ASDM GUI to do such task but its handy to do. So, it is better to user CLI for that. Below are some useful commands to check user list and active vpn user sessions. To check user list, use below commands - show run | grep username - show aaa local user To check active vpn user list and sessions, use below commands - show vpn-sessiondb remote | grep Username (This command result will let you know how many user are active) - show vpn-sessiondb remote filter name username (This filter command will let you know details of vpn session user by inserting active vpn username in "username" ) Yes. That's all. Here I show you with Cisco ASA 5520 and its software version is 8.2 (5). May

Solving "The name of the security certificate is invalid" error

We purchase SSL Certificate to get secure when we use Outlook Web Access with Exchange Server. We use the External Domain URL for OWA when we purchase SSL Certificate. But the issue can come out when your Internal URL and External URL of Exchange Server are different. The issue is user will get security alert pop-up when he/she open outlook client everytime. To get rid of this issue, we need to change the Internal URL of OWA on Server. Let's start. First, run the Exchange Management Powershell as Administrator. "Use Get-ClientAccessServer | FL" command to collect existing configuration for revert back if something goes wrong. Next, use "Set-ClientAccessServer -Identity CAS_Server_Name -AutodiscoverServiceInternalUrl https:// /autodiscover/autodiscover.xml" command and change the URL accordingly. Only High-lighted text are need to aware as yours. After that, go to Exchange IIS Manager and select Application Pool

Singapore ISP broadband service will be get 2Gbps in early 2015

Singapore ISP broadband service will be get 2Gbps in early 2015 Singapore Local Internet Service Provider, ViewQwest, announces its new 2Gbps fiber broadband service to be made commercially available in early-2015, offering the fastest residential internet connection in Singapore. In a statement released Wednesday, the local internet service provider (ISP) said the 2Gbps service will be tested among a group of selected customers until year-end, before it is made commercially available in early-2015. This new service will also be on demo at the Sitex exhibition show to be held from November 27 to 30, the company said. For further details about this service from ViewQwest, please go and reand at ZDNET . Source : May you all be happy. (Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)