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My Beloved Mom...

A good housewife... A good adviser... A good nurse... A good chef... A good teacher... This 5 in 1 Lady is "my mom" ... She is not,the one,educated. But she was given her whole life to me and supported to become the one that she didn't. She devoted her life for the family... She handled the house and family without being maid... Her hands were busy through the day. She took after us (My Elder Siste, My Elder Brother and I) like a child till this time... She looks like a gardener... We are flowers in her garden... Now, we had bloomed... Is there any profit for the gardener? Has she got worthy prize for giving up her identity? ... ... I love you so much mother.

Troubleshooting password lockout in Lotus Notes Traveler for iPhone/iPad

During these days, I had to resolve Lotus notes account password lockout issues for iPhone/iPad users in one of Customer Company. Actually, this kind of issue may appear when user forget to update to new password in their iPhone/iPad after updating their lotus notes password from webmail. Why password lockout? It's simple because of since the synchronization of the iPhone is largely done in the background on the device, the device continues to try and log in and this can often result in your account getting locked out on the server. So, when it is time to change your lotus notes traveler password, it is recommended that you follow these steps with your iPhone/iPad. Note: If you have more than one device, follow these steps for each device but make sure that you perform step 1 on all of the devices before performing steps 2-4 on any of the devices; otherwise, you lock yourself out on the second device. 1) On your iPhone/iPad, enable airplane mode so that all WiFi and phone

Fortigate guide for Begineer - 9

In general, Computer from Finicial Department of Company Network have to be IP Reserved to working properly with their Finicial Software. For example, the Computer that installed Blommberg Software need to get fixed IP address to connect Bloomberg server for Transaction. If that Computer changed IP address frequently, Bloomberg unable to connect to it's server. So, you have to reserved the IP address of that Computer within the DHCP Range that provide from Fortigate Unit in Company Network. Here is the steps to Reserved IP Address in Fortigate for exact Computer. 1) Log in to Fortigate Unit and Go to System > Network > DHCP Server and Edit the DHCP server. 2) Select IP Reservation and select Create New and add a MAC IP address pair. (The IP address must be within the range defined by the DHCP server.) The above steps are for the Computer that hasn't connect to Fortigate Unit yet. If the PC is already connected and has acquired an IP address from the DHCP se