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What is different IP Base and IP Services in Cisco IOS and How to choose right one?

Being and Cisco Device Administrator, you would definitely face with the task of IOS upgrade. This kind of task will make you a bit confuse sometime I believe. To do the upgrading task, you have to go and look for IOS on Cisco Website with the related Model of your device like below, Once, you found out the IOS to download, you will be confuse which IOS should choose to download. OK. That's the point I'd like to show how, The four common Cisco IOS Software feature licenses for switching are: 1) LAN Lite       2) LAN Base         3)  IP Base           4) IP Services LAN Lite is for Enterprise EntryLevel Layer 2 Switching LAN Base is for Enterprise Access Layer 2 Switching IP Base is for Enterprise Access Layer 3 Switching IP Services is for Advanced Layer 3 Switching The IP base is for the Standard Multilayer Software Image (SMI) switches, and the IP services image is for the Enhanced Standard Multilayer Software Image (EMI) switches in Cisco IOS  Soft