How to upgrade Symantec Backup Exec 2010 to 2012?

Last one month ago, I've got one experience in upgrading of Symantec backup exec 2010 to 2012.
I'd like to share my experience of it.

Let's do question what we will need before do the upgrading process,

1) Before upgrade it , what should I do? (Backup what?)

2) will the existing setting can directly import to 2012?

3) If fail, can I roll back to old version?

4) After download and extract SBE 2012, can I directly run it & auto upgrade to 2012?

5) Remote agent, CPS (Continuous Protection Server) console also need to upgrade to lastest version?

Here is the answer for above question,

1) Before upgrading stop SQL server BKUPEXEC service and make a copy of the DATA and

    CATALOGS folder. These folders are located at X:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec

2) When you perform an Inplace upgrade, all the jobs, policies, media sets and other settings are

    retained and imported into the new version.

3) If it fails, it will roll back to older version automatically. We also can roll back to older version by the help of backup DATA and CATALOGS

4) We may run the browser.exe which will initiate the upgrade process.

5) You need to manually update the remote agents either through the BE console or by copying installables on the remote server. But CPS is no more supported in BE2012.

OK... Let's do upgrading process,

1) Do update the latest update patches in SBE 2012. Stop SQL server BKUPEXEC service on the media server

2) Run the browser.exe from Extracted SBE 2012 and follow the instruction.

3) Do update the latest update patches after upgrading process done.

4) Reboot the server

5) Update the remote agents.

Symantec Backup Exec 2012 upgradeing completely done.

Note: You need to register the license file/serial number of Maintenance Contract from License Certificate that deliver from Symantec before do the upgrading process to get license file/serial number for Core software and remote agent.
         If not, your SBE 2012 will show "Trial Version". But that one can fix after registered the Maintenance Contract license on Symantec License Portal and grab license file/serial number that you purchase from Symantec.
         Then re-install those license via SBE Console License Option.

If you still not clear my post, you can watch the Video at below link,

May you all be happy.
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How to fix boot error 0xc000000f in Windows Server 2008?

If you face with error like above picture, take note it's your BCD corrupted.
You can fix that error as below.

Boot your server with Windows CD/DVD and go to commmand prompt when you reach repair option.

Type following command when you reach in Command Prompt Windows.

>rename C:\Boot\BCD bcd.old
>Boortrec /rebuildbcd
>select disk 0
>select partition 1

Restart the Server and Boot up with Hard Disk.

You can see that your Server Windows is as in good working condition.

Why this error come out??? It might be if meet with one/two or all of the following condition,

- Virus infected system files
- You had to use force shutdown the server that installed Hard Disk controller such as SCSI or RAID or etc.
- You had to attach or deattach the NAS or USB Drive that connect with Server and that make change BIOS configuration. But you didn't notice to re-configure changed configuration and boot up server. Then server will not able to boot up.

May you all be happy.
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Why Google Chrome appear a lot in task manager even open only one tab?

One user asked me very strange question yesterday.
He is not only talking to me. He showed me practically.
He open and open task manager and show me multiple chrome.exe running that under process tab of task manager.
Then he asked me same time Why???
It is cause his PC hang frequently that he asked me as another question.

So, I smiled and tried to explain him.
I just right click>Task Manager (Shift+Esc) on small place that make to open new tab on his Google Chrome.

After that I showed him how many plug in, extension are running with Google Chrome and which one is using how many Memory and CPU on Google Chrome Task Manager Windows.
Then, he accepted what is going on with his Google Chrome.

This post is for you to answer when you encounter to answer the strange and unexpected question from user.

May you all be happy.
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Exchange Server 2010 for Newbies - 1

I'd like to share some basic knowledge for Exchange Server 2010 for newbies.

Let's assume you completed installation Exchange Server 2010 that meet requirements.

Your server must have five hard disk drive or five partitions as System, Mailbox Database Log 1, Mailbox Database Log 2, Mailbox Database 1 and Mailbox Database 2. ( You will need those later to study Mailbox & Mailbox Database mounting, unmounting and moving)

OK. Now we will start create new mailbox database after Fresh Exchange Server 2010 installation done.

- Go go Exchange management Console from Start Menu. Expand Microsoft Exchange On-Premises. Expand Organization Configuration.

- Select Mailbox. Click New Mailbox Database in Action Pane.

- Type Mailbox Database Name and Select Your Exchange Server for Server Name and Click OK. Then Click Next.

- Point the Database Log and mailbox Database in Database file path and Log Folder Path to related Hard Disk or Partition. ( I recommend to create Database Log and Mailbox Database in the related hard disk or partition)

*** Do not forget to tick Mount this database checkbox***

- Click New and wait Mailbox Database Creation finish. Then Click Finish.

Well...New Mailbox Database Creation completely done.

May you all be happy.
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Fortigate guide for Begineer - 8

I'd like to show how to create and setup SSL VPN in Fortigate now.
Below picture is the Configuration Setting that I'd like to use for SSL VPN.

Before you begin, you need to make sure SSL VPN is
enabled using the CLI command:

config vpn ssl settings
set sslvpn-enable enable

Create a firewall address for the email server.
1) To add the email server address, go to Firewall Objects > Address > Address, select
Create New and enter the email server address:

Address Name
Email Server
Subnet / IP Range
Subnet / IP Range

2) Select OK.
Create the SSL VPN portal and a bookmark for the email server that the user connects to after logging in.
1) Go to VPN > SSL > Config and for IP Pools select Edit and add Test VPN to the Selected table.
2) Go to VPN > SSL > Portal and select Create New to create the portal:

Portal Message
Internal Company Sites

3) Select OK to close the Edit Settings window.
4) On the default web portal delete the Bookmarks widget by selecting its Remove icon.
5) On the Add Widget on the right of the default portal select Bookmarks.
6) In the new Bookmarks widget select the Edit icon (looks like a pencil).
7) Optionally edit the Name and make sure Applications is set to HTTP/HTTPS.
8) Select OK in the Bookmarks widget.
9) In the Bookmarks widget select Add and create a bookmark to link the email server web page:

Corporate email system

10) Select OK at the bottom of the Bookmarks widget.
11) Select Apply at the top of web portal page to save the web portal configuration.

Create the SSL VPN user and add the user to a user group configured for SSL VPN use.
1) Go to User > User > User and select Create New to add the user:

User Name
Test VPN

2) Go to User > User Group > User Group and select Create New to add Test VPN to the SSL VPN user group:.

Allow SSL-VPN Access
Internal Company Sites

3 Move Test VPN to the Members list.
4 Select OK.

Create an SSL VPN security policy with SSL VPN user authentication.
1) Go to Policy > Policy > Policy and select Create New to add the SSL VPN security policy:

Source Interface/Zone
Source Address
Destination Interface/Zone
Destination Address

2) Select Configure SSL-VPN Users and select Add to add an authentication rule for remote SSL VPN users:

Selected User Groups
Selected Services
Destination Interface/Zone

3) Select OK.

SSL VPN Connection, User Account creation, configuration and setup done.
But take note the above steps are may be vary depends on Fortigate Unit Mode.

May you be all happy.
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How to solve Shh/Updater-B False positives error in Sophos Endpoint Secutiry and Control?


If you have encouter above error or your sophos anti-virus keep alert Shh/Updater-B Virus Detected, please follow the step as below to solve.
Actually, it is not virus. It's one of the file that need by Sophos for Auto Update task.

- Lauch Sophos Endpoiint Security and Control and Enable Live Protection as shown in picture.

Check your system downloaded "javab-jd.ide" file or not as shown below. This is to ensure your anti-virus is latest updated or not. If not updated, try to update ASAP.
32-bit: C:\Program Files\Sophos\Sophos Anti-virus\
64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sophos\Sophos Anti-virus\

- Configure On Access Scanning and Windows Exclusions on Sophos Anti-Virus Policy as below,

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sophos\
C:\Program Files\Sophos\
C:\Program Files (x86)\Sophos\

Do not forget to check "Exclude remote files" checkbox.

Then Update your Sophos by using Sophos Control Center or Console.

If updating is OK. You issue solved. If updating task got "Unexpected error", please go to below link and download zip file.

Unzip downloaded file to under C: drive and Run it As Administrator.

Update your Sophos again then. Your Sophos should be OK now.

Now you might need to clean previous Qurantined Alert. To clean those alert, please go to below link.

Copy all the text from opened web page and paste it to Notepad and save it as Batch file ".bat" file format. Then Run it as Administrator.

All previous qurantined alert will be clean.

OK. Your Sophos Issue solved now.

This is solution for only for Sophos Endpoint Secutiry and Control.

For detail reference for all Sophos Products, please go and read below links,

May you all be happy.
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Fortigate guide for Begineer - 7

I've been written Basic Fortigate Unit Configuration up to part 1 to 6.
Now...I am going to write Advance Configuration Steps.

Most of the Company have two Internet Line for Primary and Backup.

I'd like to write how to setup two Internet line on one Fortigate unit.
Let's assume Primary Internet Line use Static IP and Backup Internet Line DHCP IP.
Here, I will use some IP address to configure Fortigate. You need to use real IP address of yours instead.

Firstly, I'm gonna setup Primary Intenet line.
- Connect the Line from Primary ISP to the WAN1 Port of Fortigate Unit.
- Log in to Fortigate by using Web-based Manager.
- Go to System>Network>Interface and Select WAN1 Interface. Then Edit as following picture

- Select Internal Interface and Edit as following,

- Go to Router>Static>Static Route and Select Create New. Add Default Route then.

- Go to System>Network>DNS. Add Primary, Secondary DNS serers address.
- Go to Policy>Poliicy>Policy. Select Create New and define the Security Policy as following picture to get Internet Access for Private/Internal Network through from WAN1 interface.
  Some Fortigate Model configured this as Default Policy.

- Select Enable NAT and Use Destination Interface Address.
- Select OK to save Security Poliicy.

Primary Internet Line Setup Task done. Now I'm gonna setup Backup Internet line.
- Connect Backup Internet Line to WAN2 port of Fortigate.
- Log in to Fortigate by using Web-Based Manager.
- Go to System>Network>Interface and Edit WAN2 Interface.
- Change Addressing Mode to DHCP. Select Retrieve Default Gateway from server. Uncheck the Override internal DNS checkbox.
- Select OK to save.
(Do not forget to select Retrieve Default Gateway from server to add Default Route into Routing Table)
- Go to Policy>Policy>Policy. Select Create New and Define Security Policy as following picture. To get Internet access from Private/Internal Network through from WAN2 interface.

- Select Enable NAT and Use Destination Interface Address.
- Select OK to save Security Policy.
Backup line setup done.

Now I'm going to set the default route to WAN1 to be the primary default route and add a ping server for WAN1 and WAN2
The Ping Servers Verifiy the ability of the WAN1 and WAN2 interfaces to connect to the Internet.

- Go to Router>Static>Static Route. Edit the WAN1 Default Route. Select Advance and set Distance to value to 10. (By Default it is 10).
- Go to System>Network>Interface. Edit the WAN2 Interface. Set Distance to value to 20. ( The value of Distance to can set any number higher than 10)
- To confirm which default route is now actually being used by the Fortigate unit, go to Router>Monitor>Routing Monitor to view the current Fortigate routing table.

- Go to Router>Static>Settings. Select Create New and Add Ping Server for WAN1 as following picture,

- Add Ping Server for WAN2 as following picture.

OK... Now settiing up two Internet line in one Fortigate unit is done.

May you all be happy.
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How to reset forgotten Lotus Notes User's ID Password?

Sometime you will face with task to reset the password of Lotus Notes User ID from Lotus Notes Client Customer.

I'd like to show how to reset the Lotus Notes User ID password in step by step as below,

- Firstly, copy the ID file of User ID that you need to reset.
- Log in to Domino Server.
- Run Lotus Domino Administrator.
- Click Configuration Tab and Extract Reovery Password.

- Key in the admin password and log in when you see Log in windows.

- Select the ID file that you need to reset and click open. ( ID file must be the file that you copie at first step)

- Lotus Notes will generate recovery password for User ID and take it note because you have to use it later.

Steps on Domino Server side are doen. Go to User's PC and

- Run Lotus Notes.
- Click Exit when it's open.

- Choose Try to recoer your password option and click OK when Options Windows appears.

- Key in recovery password gerenated from Domino Server and click Enter.

- Choose User ID and click Open.

- Let User to key in desire password when password change windows come out.

Lotus Notes Client User ID password reset task completely done.

If you have done in creation of ID Vault in your Domino Server, the above steps are not essential.

Just copy ID file of effected User from ID Vault and overwrite the existing ID file at User's PC then try to log in with original password created since first time for that user.

May you all be happy.
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Email control by google apps unable to send out in Outlook 2010

I'd like to share today my experience at customer place.

One of customer unable to send out email in her Outlook. But can receive all emails.

Their Domain is control by Google Apps that give Onenote office service from SingTel.

So, I opened and checked the Outlook.

All incoming/outgoing server and port are correct. But sending email is not work.

I also checked Firewall. All SMTP ports are not blocked.

Then I opened Telnet and type the " 587" to check the SMTP Server connection.

I got error message "220 ESMTP q3sm12794179oef.0". OK. Sure. Port 587 is not working.

I was called to ISP and they asked me to change SMTP port to 465 instead of 587.

I changed and found out that's not working too.

I decided to use last method.

Removed profile that give me headache.

Re-created new profile and test out. Suddenly foud out it's work.

I knew that is not because of port setting. Only old profile is corrupted.

Port 465 is for SSL and Port 587 is TLS.

Well... I believe this post can help you if you face with same problem.

May you all be happy.
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Fortigate guide for Begineer - 6

I would like to explaine how to troubleshoot the Fortigate Unit configured by Transparent Mode in step by step this time.

Let's assume, you have one Fortigate Unit that configured as Transparent Mode. But devices from Internal/Private Network unable to access Internet/Public Network through your Fortigate Unit.

OK. Let's troubleshoot with following steps,

1) Check the physical network connections between the network and the FortiGate unit, and between the FortiGate unit and the Internet.

2) Check the router and ISP-supplied equipment to make sure it is operating correctly.

3) Verify that you can connect to the internal interface by connecting to the management IP address of the FortiGate unit from the Internal network.
From the internal network, attempt to ping the management IP address.
If you cannot connect to the internal interface, verify the IP configuration of the PC and make sure the cables are connected and all switches and other devices on the network are powered on and operating. Go to the next step when you can connect to the internal interface.

4) To verify that you can communicate from the FortiGate unit to the Internet, access the FortiGate CLI and use the execute ping command to ping an address on the Internet.
You can also use the execute traceroute command to troubleshoot connectivity to the Internet.

5) Verify the DNS configurations of the FortiGate unit and the PCs on the internal network. You can check for DNS errors by pinging or using traceroute to connect to a domain name.

6) Verify the security policy configuration.

7) Verify the static routing configuration.

8) Disable web filtering.

9) Verify that you can connect to the gateway provided by your ISP. Try pinging the default gateway IP address from a PC on the internal network.

10) Confirm that the FortiGate unit can connect to the FortiGuard network.
(Once registered, the FortiGate unit obtains antivirus and application control and other updates from the FortiGuard network. Once the FortiGate unit is on your network, you should confirm that it can reach the FortiGuard network. The FortiGate unit must be able to connect to the network from its management IP address. If the following tests provide
incorrect results, the FortiGate unit cannot connect to the Internet from its management IP address. Check the FortiGate unit’s default route to make sure it is correct. Check your Internet firewall to make sure it allows connections from the FortiGate management IP address to the Internet.)

First, check the License Information dashboard widget to make sure the status of all FortiGuard services matches the services that you have purchased. The FortiGate unit connects to the FortiGuard network to obtain this information.
Go to System > Config > FortiGuard. Open web filtering and email options and select Test
Availability. After a minute the web-based manager should indicate that the connection
was successful.

11) Check the FortiGate bridge table.
(The bridge table is a list of MAC addresses of devices on the same network as the FortiGate
unit and the FortiGate interfaces from which each MAC address was found. The FortiGate
unit uses this table to determine where to forward a packet. If a the MAC address of a
specific device is getting added to in the bridge table, then packets to that MAC address
will be blocked. This may appear as traffic going to a MAC address, but no reply traffic
coming back. In this situation, check the bridge table to ensure the correct MAC addresses
have been added to the bridge table. Use the following CLI command to check the bridge
table associated with the root VDOM.)

If your device’s MAC address is not listed, the FortiGate unit cannot find the device on the
network. This could indicate that the device is not connected or not operating. Check the
device’s network connections and make sure it is operating correctly.

Well...I hope above steps are enough to troubleshoot your Fortigate configured as Transparent mode. I didn't write in details some steps in above because of those are written on older posts.

May you all be happy.
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Google Voice for international phone call

Now...Google support International phone call by using its Google Voice.
It cost US$ 35 Cents for Myanmar and USD 2 Cents for Singapore for one minute calling rates.

If you wanna further know the rates for other countries, you can look at below link.

You need to buy Credit before you make a call.
The minimum Credit amount is US$10.

Google Mail, PC or Laptop with completed Headset or condition completed to call phone, Internet Access are necessery to make a call to your destination.

OK. Test and Have Fun with Google Voice.

May you all be happy.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)

How to copy text from scanned documents by using Microsoft Office 2010 applications?

I am sure you've encounter that you want softcopy from scanned documents or image sometimes.
But you cannot find its softcopy anymore and how will you do to get it as softcopy?

It's easy. Microsoft well know what you might need and they already put OCR Technology in their Office 2010 same as their old office version.

See below instruction that guide you through how to copy text from scanned documents or image by using Office 2010 application.

Fortigate guide for Beginner - 5

It is not the end after only you can do installation , setup and configure the Fortigate unit as you wish.
Troubleshooting is also essential task you will need to perform one day.
So, let's assume you was configured Fortigate unit as NAT/Route mode to operate for your network.
But the the Internet access was unable to connect from your network and need to find out what is it caused.
How to troubleshoot???

Use the following steps to find and fix the problem.

How to configure google apps domain email with Microsoft Outlook?

Nowadays, you will be asking about from customer that he/she want to use his/her email with Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010 on multiple PCs or laptop.
His/her email domain is get controlled by Google Apps and how you setup for him/her email to sync on that Multiple PCs or laptop?
Will you use POP or IMAP?
My suggestion is don’t use POP and definitely recommend to use IMAP. Why? POP can lose some emails.
OK, here are the steps to get you through to fulfill the customer’s requirements.

Fortigate guide for Beginner - 4

There is always we had created one more admin account to manage Fortigate unit.
It is more convenient for us for future task to be done.

OK. Let's create new administrator account with super_admin profile. Super_admin profile get full access to manage Fortigate Features.

Fortigate guide for Begineer - 3

Fortigate guide for Begineer - 1 
Fortigate guide for Begineer - 2

We have two network Internet and Private network. These two are divide by Router.
Now we are going to setup Fortigate between Private Network and Router.
But we don't touch current configuration of Network as shown below picture.

So, let's start install the Fortigate. But your Fortigate must be working with following task after configureation task done.
- Fortigate must block access from Internet to Private Network.
- Fortigate must allow the user to access Internet from Private Network.
- Fortigate must able to Monitor the usage status of user for better protection.
OK. Let's start.