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How to copy text from scanned documents by using Microsoft Office 2010 applications?

I am sure you've encounter that you want softcopy from scanned documents or image sometimes. But you cannot find its softcopy anymore and how will you do to get it as softcopy? It's easy. Microsoft well know what you might need and they already put OCR Technology in their Office 2010 same as their old office version. See below instruction that guide you through how to copy text from scanned documents or image by using Office 2010 application.

Fortigate guide for Beginner - 5

It is not the end after only you can do installation , setup and configure the Fortigate unit as you wish. Troubleshooting is also essential task you will need to perform one day. So, let's assume you was configured Fortigate unit as NAT/Route mode to operate for your network. But the the Internet access was unable to connect from your network and need to find out what is it caused. How to troubleshoot??? Use the following steps to find and fix the problem.

How to configure google apps domain email with Microsoft Outlook?

Nowadays, you will be asking about from customer that he/she want to use his/her email with Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010 on multiple PCs or laptop. His/her email domain is get controlled by Google Apps and how you setup for him/her email to sync on that Multiple PCs or laptop? Will you use POP or IMAP? My suggestion is don’t use POP and definitely recommend to use IMAP. Why? POP can lose some emails. OK, here are the steps to get you through to fulfill the customer’s requirements.