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Resolving vCenter unable to synchronize with hosts and all VMs become orphaned error

I've encountered below error (vCenter unable to synchronize and all guest VMs become orphaned) yesterday. All VMs are working fine that time. Login to each host and checked but each host are OK and all guest VMs are running well. The error is appear on vCenter only. Checked from vSphere Client and Browser was appeared same error. I try to PING each host IP and Name from vCenter Server. Just got reply from IP and no reply from PING with name. Yes, I realized it is DNS issue. vCenter unable to resolve each host's name. I tried to flush vCenter Server DNS cache by using "ipconfig /flushdns" command via Command Prompt and restart the server once task done. I login to vCenter after it restarted and noticed that vCenter able to sync with all host and all VMs also back to normal. This kind of error can be happen in many situation. but I just share how to resolve because of for other people who encounter same situation like me will not waste their time by r

How to solve VMware View Virutal Machine deployment fails with a purple diagnostic screen and the error: PF Exception 14 - GFCPutSectionHeader (2076931)?

When using VMware ESXi 5.5 to deploy VMware View machine with SE spare disk: Host fails with a purple diagnostic screen as below and You see this backtrace in the purple diagnostic screen and in the system logs as below What will you do then? Logs: 2015-01-06T15:09:07.842Z cpu3:32848)@BlueScreen: #PF Exception 14 in world 32848:CmdCompl-3 IP 0x41802f0a5db1 addr 0x6c PTEs:0x88cf47e023;0x88cf47f023;0x8077b72023;0x0; 2015-01-06T15:09:07.842Z cpu3:32848)Code start: 0x41802e400000 VMK uptime: 137:10:13:26.272 2015-01-06T15:09:07.843Z cpu3:32848)0x41240141da00:[0x41802f0a5db1]GFCPutSectionHeader@esx#nover+0x1 stack: 0x41240141da80 2015-01-06T15:09:07.843Z cpu3:32848)0x41240141daa0:[0x41802f0b7332]SEResource_UnlockResources@esx#nover+0x13a stack: 0x41240141dae0 2015-01-06T15:09:07.843Z cpu3:32848)0x41240141dac0:[0x41802f0bb60d]SETxnGTEFaultCleanupCompletionArgs@esx#nover+0x65 stack: 0x0 2015-01-06T15:09:07.844Z cpu3:32848)0x41240141db00:[0x41802f0bb65e]SETxnGTEFaultCo