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Cisco Video Telepresence Connection Drop every 15 minutes with SonicWall Firewall

Cisco Video Telepresence behind a SonicWall fail and timeout exactly at 15 minutes (900 seconds)?  This is usually due to a firewall rule (WAN to Cisco Telepresence) that closes open TCP connections after a set “timeout”. If you have a SonicWall, this is certainly the case as the default is 15 minutes. To fix this kind of issue, just edit the Access Rule and go to Advanced Tab. Modify default value 15 minutes from TCP Connection Inactivity Timeout (minutes): to the time setting as your requirement as shown below. After Access Rule has been modify, click OK and test again. Take note that modification must be done on both side Firewall. Well. You connection now should be run on the modified time setting which done by you as stated above step. I've tested on SonicWall NSA3600 with Firmware Version SonicOS Enhanced Have a good time. (Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)