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How to reset a lost password on a Fortigate unit?

I'd like to share how to reset a lost password on a Fortigate Unit. 1) start some terminal emulator and connect to the device using a a console cable. Depending on which device you use it will be a RJ-45 to Serial or Serial to Serial cable 2) Reboot the device and immediately it starts up login with user “maintainer” and password “bcpb%deviceserialnumber%” e.g. “bcpbFGT60C3G10014505″   (This should be done within 14 seconds. So ,it will be better if you type the password on a text editor and copy and paste it on the terminal console 3) change the user password as described below in command windows,         " config system admin       edit %user%       set password %password%       end " Put administrator username in the plac of %user% Put password that you want to change in the place of %password% OK. That's it. Now your Fortigate Unite Administrator Password has been resetted. May you all be happy. (Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)