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Cisco IOS images for GNS3 Simulator

During these days, I've idea to refresh my memory for Cisco Knowledge and Install GNS3 into my Computer but GNS3 need Cisco IOS to do simulation test. As usual, Googling then and found out a lot of Cisco IOS in some FTP site. It's have Anonymous access and you can get what Cisco IOS uploaded in that site. But I recommend to use FTP client Software like Filezilla to save your time. OK. It's party time! Go to below link and have fun! May you all be happy. (Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)

How to solve if your Sophos Enterprise Console is not updated?

If your Sophos Enterprise Console is not updated, what will you do to resolve it? It's simple and easy to resolve. Check your Sophos Update Source URL are properly connected with your network or not first. Go to Update Manager and check Username and Password for Source is correct or not. If all are correct, follow below steps. Open a web browser and enter the following three addresses into the address box. If the connection fails the most like cause is a firewall (including Windows 2008 server's software firewall) or a proxy blocking the connection or EnterpriseConsole.exe To resolve the connection issue, allow connections on the above addresses (or for simplicity: * and * on port 80 for your Sophos Management server (and any other Sophos Update Manager servers) and add EnterpriseConsole.exe.  If a successful connection is made you will see the message "it works - authed&qu