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Migrating Azure API Management to STv2: A Practical Guide

If you're using Azure API Management (APIM) services, you've likely seen this message: "Support for the single-tenant v1 (STv1) platform ends on 8/31/24. Migrate instances before that date to the new platform version (STv2) for continued support and access to new features." This announcement highlights the urgency of migrating to STv2. To ensure a smooth transition, it's crucial to analyze our architecture, understand technical constraints, explore possible approaches, and assess risks. Here’s a summarized guide on how I managed the migration using the VNET-injection method. My Case: APIM with Dedicated Public IP and Subnet Configuration: APIM with a dedicated public IP and a dedicated subnet. Assigned private IP with NAT in a controlled VNET. Need to maintain IP addresses and DNS. Issues: APIM migration requires a new public IP, new subnet with private IP, new DNS, and new NSG. APIM instances acquire IP addresses randomly, complicating existing firewall rules, NS