Network Attack Types in brief explanation

In general,we can classify the network attacks in three part as Single-Packet Attack, Scanning Attack and Flood Attack.

Single-packet attack is also called malformed packet attack because many single-packet attacks use defective IP packets, such as overlapping IP fragments and packets with illegal TCP flags.
A single-packet attack occurs when:
• An attacker sends defective IP packets to a target, causing the target system to malfunction or crash.
• An attacker sends large quantities of junk packets to the network, using up the network bandwidth.
Single-Packet Attack has multipe types and below list are Single-Packet Attack types those can be found in real world.
Smurf attack
ICMP redirect attack
ICMP unreachable attack
Large ICMP attack
TCP flag attack
Tracert attack
Fraggle attack
WinNuke attack
Land attack
Source route attack
Route record attack

Scanning Attack is actually an attacker uses some scanning tools (like nmap,nessua, satan,ettercap) to scan host addresses and ports in a network, so as to find
possible targets and the services enabled on the targets and figure out the network topology, preparing
for further attacks to the target hosts. This type has two type, Active and Passive Scanning.
Below is type of Scan Attack which can be face in real world.
Scan attack

Flood attack is an attacker sends a large number of forged requests to the targets in a short time, so that the target
system is too busy to provide services for legal users, resulting in denial of services.
Below attack are the attack-types those you might challenge in real world.
ICMP flood attack
UDP flood attack
SYN flood attack

Well. I believe that you know about what is network attack type and how is their mission on their target briefly.

In fact, talking about network attack is very wide and never ending story I believe.
I write this post as intro to write another post which going to explain how to configure IPS function on HP MSR Router to prevent such attack.
OK. See you at the next post on configuring IPS function on HP MSR Router to prevent network attacks.

Have a good day.
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