Link Aggregating with Synology NAS and Cisco Switch

I’d like to share how to setup Link Aggregating between Synology NAS and Cisco Switch.

I’ve got one Synology NAS with 4 Network Ports and I’m going to use 2 of them.
Both Network Port to be as one Logical Link, Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing.

To do that, I need to configure Link Aggregating on Synology NAS and EtherChannel with LACP on Cisco Switch.

Below is brief steps to do to meet with my requirements.

- Get connected Synology NAS and Cisco Switch as shown in picture.
- Bonding two Network Ports of Synology NAS and assign IP Address
- Configure EtherChannel with LACP in Cisco Switch and add two physical ports as Member.

OK. Let’s begin from Synology NAS.
- Login to the Synology and go to Control Panel>Network>Create>Create Bond

- Select IEEE 802.3ad to get Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing Featureyou’re your switch not support 802.3ad you can only select Fault Tolerance only feature). After that click “Next”.

- Choose the network port for bonding and click Next.
- Assign the IP Address. Click Apply and wait to be applied the setting.

Let’s configure Cisco Switch now.
- Will use GigabitEthernet 3 and 4 to use Link Aggregation and member of Group.
- Take a look below picture for the command on how to configure EtherChannel with LACP. (There may be a bit different on hostname, port number when you configure your Switch but all the commands are same.)

- You can re-check whether you EtherChannel are correct and working or not as shown below photo.

You can see the Network Port bonding status on Synology NAS as below picture after you configure EtherChannel on your Switch.

If you want to make sure you configuration are working or not, just shutdown either one port on Cisco Switch or unplug one of the Network Cable on either Synology NAS or Cisco Switch Port.
Your link between Synology NAS and Cisco Switch should not disconnect even one link down if everything is correct. Only the connection between Synology and Cisco Switch will failure if both network connection fail.

Well… I believe you got something on how to aggregate the links between Synology NAS and Cisco Switch.

I use Synology Model RS2414rp+ with Firmware DSM 5.0-4493 and
Cisco WS-C2960G with IOS version 15.0 for this demonstration.

May you all be happy.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)


Thank you. Useful and informative. I had a Synology NAS I was setting up today and this was exactly the info I needed.


You are welcome Gomisan! :-)


hi sparrow thank you for this guide, i will try it.


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