Solving from RDP stopped working after disabling TLS1.0

You will not able to login to your Server with RDP and encounter "Connection Timeout or Socket Timeout" error message after enabled TLS 1.1 or 1.2 from TLS 1.0 to get better security as this link (

Here is resolution for that kind of issue.

- Go to Terminal Service Configuration by typing tsconfig.msc in Run Box and change the Security Layer Setting of RDP-Tcp to RDP Security Layer.


- Double click the RDP-Tcp from Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration and change Security Layer Setting to RDP Security Layer.

You should able to Remote Desktop to your Server then.

IMPORTANT:  You are vulnerable to Man-In-The-Middle attack when using RDP Security Layer because there is no Server Authentication.
If you are running RDP over a VPN connection and there is no risk for interception then this may be okay.

May you all be happy.
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