Exchange Server 2010 for Newbies - 1

I'd like to share some basic knowledge for Exchange Server 2010 for newbies.

Let's assume you completed installation Exchange Server 2010 that meet requirements.

Your server must have five hard disk drive or five partitions as System, Mailbox Database Log 1, Mailbox Database Log 2, Mailbox Database 1 and Mailbox Database 2. ( You will need those later to study Mailbox & Mailbox Database mounting, unmounting and moving)

OK. Now we will start create new mailbox database after Fresh Exchange Server 2010 installation done.

- Go go Exchange management Console from Start Menu. Expand Microsoft Exchange On-Premises. Expand Organization Configuration.

- Select Mailbox. Click New Mailbox Database in Action Pane.

- Type Mailbox Database Name and Select Your Exchange Server for Server Name and Click OK. Then Click Next.

- Point the Database Log and mailbox Database in Database file path and Log Folder Path to related Hard Disk or Partition. ( I recommend to create Database Log and Mailbox Database in the related hard disk or partition)

*** Do not forget to tick Mount this database checkbox***

- Click New and wait Mailbox Database Creation finish. Then Click Finish.

Well...New Mailbox Database Creation completely done.

May you all be happy.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)

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