Resetting admin login password for GMS Application Interface of SonicWall GMS Virtual Appliance on UMA

If you have many SonicWall Firewall, it is not easy to manage without SonicWall GMS.

GMS have two logins for System Interface and Application Interface.

System Interface is to manage your GMS Hardware Appliance or Virtual Appliance.

Application Interface is to manage your SonicWall devices in your network.

So, you can contact to SonicWall Technical Support if you forgot the login password of GMS System Interface. But to do so, you need valid support contract/license. (So take note it and do not forget if you didn’t renew support contract/license. :P)

For application interface login password, you do not need Tech Support if you know how.

As human being, I am sure you will forget your password sometimes and here is how to reset the GMS Application Interface Password.

First, you will see like below if you forgot password.

You need MySQL Query Browser to access GMS Database in order to reset the password.

1.      Download it from below link and run it on the machine which is located in same subnet of GMS UMA or subnet which able to access of GMS UMA.

2.     Open MySQL Query Browser:

3.        Log into the SGMSDB database using either the ‘root’ account or the account you chose during Role Configuration:

4.     Enter this command in the top panel, then hit the ‘Execute’ button:

5.     The Admin password has been reset.  You can now log in to the Application Interface using the username ‘Admin’ with the password ‘password’:

I did this demonstration on GMS Virtual Appliance Version 7.2.
Have a good time.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)

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