How to stop "Wireless SSID" from broadcasting in Ruckus ZoneDirector and remove from APs

If you want to disable the Wireless SSID from broadcasting and remove on all Access Points, please follow below steps in your Ruckus ZoneDirector.
- Login to ZoneDirector
- Click "Configure" and go to "WLANs"
- Fine "WLAN Groups" under "WLANs" Section
- If you are using "System Default Group", just select it and edit. Then uncheck the SSID which you want to disable from bradcast and remove from all APs and Click "OK".
- If you are using "Custom Group", just same as above step.

Now your SSID has been disabled and removed from all Access Points.
You can verify by going to Dashboard and checking "Most Recent System Activities".

That's all.

Have a good time.
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