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Old browsers are still running behind your firewall

On January 12th 2016, Microsoft announced it will stop supporting older versions of Internet Explorer.

It means from now on, Internet Explorer 10 and prior will not get security updates. However many people are still using older versions of Internet Explorer, and it has become a potential threat.

In July 2016, Dell SonicWALL observed that:
- 0.7% of firewalls reported use of Internet Explorer 5.x.
- 60.6% of firewalls reported use of Internet Explorer 6.x.
- 71.1% of firewalls reported use of Internet Explorer 7.x.
- 22.4% of firewalls reported use of Internet Explorer 8.x.
- 24.3% of firewalls reported use of Internet Explorer 9.x.
- 31.5% of firewalls reported use of Internet Explorer 10.x.

Unpatched Internet Explorer is insecure and can damage the system. So, we, ICT For Myanmar would like to urges all our customers to review their environment and stop using Internet Explorer 10 and prior.

Source : Dell SonicWall Security Center

Have a good time.

(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)


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