How to re-certify Lotus Notes ID Manually?

If you see above alert box, understand that you need to re-certify the user’s lotus notes ID.
First export the user’s lotus notes ID as “SAFE.IDS” or get the expired  user’s lotus notes ID and save it on Removable Storage Drive or Shared Network Drive that can access from Domino Server.
Then log in to Domino Server and click Configuration Tab, Expand Certification and select Certify as shown below.
After that Click Certifier ID and choose cert.ID.

Type correct password for Certification ID and click OK.
Then Choose the SAFE.IDS or Expired User’s lotus notes ID that you saved at first step.
Type the current user’s lotus notes password and click log in.
Click Certify if you see prompt windows as shown below.
Click NO if you see prompt windows as shown below.
User ID re-certify task done from Domino Server Side.
Go to user’s PC/Notebook, open lotus notes and Click File>Security>User Security
Then you will see prompt windows that ask you to key in the password.
Key in the current user’s lotus notes password.
Expand Your Identity, Select Your Certificates and Click Get Certificates.
Then Select Import (Merge) Notes Certificates and choose the Re-certified ID from your Removable Storage Drive or Shared Network Drive.
Key in the password if prompt.
You’ve done the task of lotus notes client ID re-certification process.

Please see the below careful if you are not clear the above steps.
Administrator: Recertify user's ID
A user has a Notes ID that has an expired certificate. These steps are performed by the server administrator to correct the user's expired ID.
  1. After obtaining the user ID, you (as the administrator) launch the Lotus® Domino® Administration client.
  2. Open the Configuration tab, expand Certification (located on the right hand pane) and select Certify.
  3. Select the Certifier ID file.
  4. From the Choose Certifier ID dialog box, select the O or OU certifier that was originally used to certify the user ID.
  5. Enter the password for the certifier ID.
  6. From the Choose ID to Certify dialog box, select the user ID to be recertified.
  7. Enter the password for user ID to be recertified.
  8. [Optional] In the Certify ID dialog box, you may set or change the following:
    Registration server, expiration date of the certifier and password length.
  9. Click Certify.
    The Status window displays:
    Updating address book entry for username/org
    Successfully updated address book entry for username/org
    Username/org successfully certified
  10. Choose "No" when you receive the following dialog box:
    Would you like to certify another?
  11. Provide the newly-recertified ID file to the user.

User: Merge the new certificate
Once the administrator recertifies the safe.ID and returns the ID to the user, the user must perform the following steps:
  1. Select File -> Security -> User Security -> Your Identity -> Your Certificates -> Get certificates button -> Import (Merge) Notes Certificate.
  2. Enter password.
  3. The dialog box then prompts the user to choose the safe.ID that has been recertified and it is then merged into the original user ID.


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