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Troubleshooting password lockout in Lotus Notes Traveler for iPhone/iPad

During these days, I had to resolve Lotus notes account password lockout issues for iPhone/iPad users in one of Customer Company.
Actually, this kind of issue may appear when user forget to update to new password in their iPhone/iPad after updating their lotus notes password from webmail.
Why password lockout? It's simple because of since the synchronization of the iPhone is largely done in the background on the device, the device continues to try and log in and this can often result in your account getting locked out on the server.

So, when it is time to change your lotus notes traveler password, it is recommended that you follow these steps with your iPhone/iPad.

Note: If you have more than one device, follow these steps for each device but make sure that you perform step 1 on all of the devices before performing steps 2-4 on any of the devices; otherwise, you lock yourself out on the second device.

1) On your iPhone/iPad, enable airplane mode so that all WiFi and phone data connections are turned off. Select Settings > Airplane Mode > ON.
2) On your computer, change your Lotus Notes Traveler login password per your company's password change procedures.
3) On your iPone/iPad, set the password in your Lotus Notes Traveler account to be your new Lotus Notes Traveler login password.
    Be very careful typing this in, as you do not get a chance to confirm it. Select Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>IBM Lotus Notes TravelerAccount>Password, and then make the change.
4) On your iPhone/iPad, disable airplane mode. Select Settings > Airplane Mode > OFF. Re-enable WiFi if desired.

OK. Now your lotus notes traveler password lockout issue resolved properly.

Take note although I am writing iPhone/iPad, you can assume for all Apple Devices those can use Lotus Notes Traveler for email access.

And this method can use for other mobile devices for reference as concept is same. It may be differ some setting (Android, Windows and etc)

May you all be happy.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)


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