Adding a Disclaimer to email messages in Office 365

In most emails, you could notice some disclaimer like below...
"The information of this e-mail is strictly confidential and...."
"This email and all contents are privileged..."

You can add those disclaimer in your office 365 environment too.
Here is steps for how-to,

To add a disclaimer to your company's outgoing messages, follow these steps:
- Sign in to the Office 365 portal ( as an administrator and open the Exchange Administration Center. ( See below sample screenshot)

- In the left navigation pane, click Mail Flow, and then click Rules.
- Click New, and then select "Apply disclaimers..."on the new rule page.
- In the Name of rule box, type a name for the new rule.
- Under *If, select the conditions that must met for a message to include the disclaimer.
- Under *Do the following, point to "Applend the disclaimer", and then Click Enter text, and then type the disclaimer text that you want.
- Specify any other settings that you want for the rule.
- Click Select one, and then specify a fallback action to take if the rule can't be applied.
- Under Choose a mode for this rule, click Enforce this rule.
- Click Save.

That's the how-to guide for adding a disclaimer in office 365 environment. I've attached sample screenshot for your reference. You can try to play for other option how those work.

May you all be happy.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)

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