How to copy text from scanned documents by using Microsoft Office 2010 applications?

I am sure you've encounter that you want softcopy from scanned documents or image sometimes.
But you cannot find its softcopy anymore and how will you do to get it as softcopy?

It's easy. Microsoft well know what you might need and they already put OCR Technology in their Office 2010 same as their old office version.

See below instruction that guide you through how to copy text from scanned documents or image by using Office 2010 application.
1 -  First, do scan the documents that you want as softcopy and save on your PC.
2 - Open Microsoft OneNote 2010. (You can open it from Start>All Programs>Microsoft Office)
3 - Please click Insert and select Picture when OneNote appear.
4 - Choose the file that scanned document or image you saved.
5 - Right Click and select Copy Text from Picture on the image from OneNote that you inserted on step 3 and 4.
6 - Open Microsoft Word 2010.
7 - Right Click and select paste on Microsoft Word Page.

Done. You have softcopy for your scanned documents.

But you need to understand that OCR Technology cannot work completely as you desire.

As my tested result, I've notice that although almost text from printed documents can get as text, handwritten text cannot grab correctly from OCR Technology.

May you all happy.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)

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