Fortigate guide for Beginner - 4

There is always we had created one more admin account to manage Fortigate unit.
It is more convenient for us for future task to be done.

OK. Let's create new administrator account with super_admin profile. Super_admin profile get full access to manage Fortigate Features.

First, Log in to Fortigate unit from Web-based Manager.
Go System>Admin>Administraots and select Create New as shown in below example picture.

   Administrator names and passwords are case-sensitive. You cannot include the < > ( ) # ” characters in an administrator name or password. Spaces are allowed, but not as the first or
last character. Spaces in a name or password can be confusing and require the use of quotes to enter the name in the CLI.
The admin profile dictates what parts of the FortiGate configuration the administrator can see and configure from web-based manager and CLI. You can add multiple profiles and assign users and administrators different profiles, depending on what they are tasked to do with the FortiGate unit.

You can review your new account log in status after creating it and logged in to Fortigate unit with that account.
How to review??? Log in to Fortigate unit first. Go to Log&Report and select Event Log. You will see like as below picture.

Go to System > Dashboard > Status, and view the System Information widget. In the
Current Administrator row, it will indicate the number of administrators logged in.

Selecting Details shows current account logged in as an administrator.

May you all happy.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)

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