How to check the vpn user list and session in Cisco ASA 5520?

You've deployed Cisco ASA Firewall and setup Local AAA Server to create useraccount for IPSec VPN usage.
As a network administrator, you've responsibility to check and monitor the list of vpn user and active session for security and audit purpose.

You can use ASDM GUI to do such task but its handy to do.
So, it is better to user CLI for that.
Below are some useful commands to check user list and active vpn user sessions.

To check user list, use below commands

- show run | grep username
- show aaa local user

To check active vpn user list and sessions, use below commands

- show vpn-sessiondb remote | grep Username (This command result will let you know how many user are active)
- show vpn-sessiondb remote filter name username (This filter command will let you know details of vpn session user by inserting active vpn username in "username" )

Yes. That's all.

Here I show you with Cisco ASA 5520 and its software version is 8.2 (5).

May you all be happy.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)


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