7z Cracker, useful tool

I am very like 7zip Application among many of zip application because of easy to use, support many zip file format and handy.

Sometime I need to zip and protected it with password by using 7zip for some important files.

One day, I've forgot the password to unlock one of my important files.

Then I seek application to unlock it and found out 7z Cracker as the best.

It's really useful to crack your password protected files within few seconds even you give complex password.

If you would like to try it or need urgently to unlock for your password protected files, you can download it from below link.


But you also need to download 7za Application to work your 7z Cracker. Your pre-installed 7z application will not work for this and so download it from below link.


You can reference Read Me file  for "How to use"  that include inside the 7z Cracker Application when you downloaded.

But please take note this is for educational and personal usage purpose only.

Using this for illegal is at your own risk.

May you all be happy.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)


NICE article about 7z Cracker thanks .
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