Email control by google apps unable to send out in Outlook 2010

I'd like to share today my experience at customer place.

One of customer unable to send out email in her Outlook. But can receive all emails.

Their Domain is control by Google Apps that give Onenote office service from SingTel.

So, I opened and checked the Outlook.

All incoming/outgoing server and port are correct. But sending email is not work.

I also checked Firewall. All SMTP ports are not blocked.

Then I opened Telnet and type the " 587" to check the SMTP Server connection.

I got error message "220 ESMTP q3sm12794179oef.0". OK. Sure. Port 587 is not working.

I was called to ISP and they asked me to change SMTP port to 465 instead of 587.

I changed and found out that's not working too.

I decided to use last method.

Removed profile that give me headache.

Re-created new profile and test out. Suddenly foud out it's work.

I knew that is not because of port setting. Only old profile is corrupted.

Port 465 is for SSL and Port 587 is TLS.

Well... I believe this post can help you if you face with same problem.

May you all be happy.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)

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