How to reset forgotten Lotus Notes User's ID Password?

Sometime you will face with task to reset the password of Lotus Notes User ID from Lotus Notes Client Customer.

I'd like to show how to reset the Lotus Notes User ID password in step by step as below,

- Firstly, copy the ID file of User ID that you need to reset.
- Log in to Domino Server.
- Run Lotus Domino Administrator.
- Click Configuration Tab and Extract Reovery Password.

- Key in the admin password and log in when you see Log in windows.

- Select the ID file that you need to reset and click open. ( ID file must be the file that you copie at first step)

- Lotus Notes will generate recovery password for User ID and take it note because you have to use it later.

Steps on Domino Server side are doen. Go to User's PC and

- Run Lotus Notes.
- Click Exit when it's open.

- Choose Try to recoer your password option and click OK when Options Windows appears.

- Key in recovery password gerenated from Domino Server and click Enter.

- Choose User ID and click Open.

- Let User to key in desire password when password change windows come out.

Lotus Notes Client User ID password reset task completely done.

If you have done in creation of ID Vault in your Domino Server, the above steps are not essential.

Just copy ID file of effected User from ID Vault and overwrite the existing ID file at User's PC then try to log in with original password created since first time for that user.

May you all be happy.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)

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