How to change VMware Network Adapter Type from E1000 to VMXnet3?

Once I've migrate my vSphere 4 to 5, I got need to change some Server NIC from E1000 to VMXNET3 as they are not touched while migrating to avoid unnecessary issue and delay in project period.

But after migrated, I start noticed that some server like File Server, SAP or other server those need high user access definitely need to convert to VMXNET3 to get better performance.

So, I've decided to convert and follow is my steps in converting process.

That will be the easy guide for you too.

Actually, you will see two method to covert the adapter type.
- Shutdown the server and add new NIC. Uninstall old NIC and update NIC setting of old to New.
- Using VMware PowerCLI for live converting without touching server.

Here, I'm using second method, PowerCLI, to make conversion.

You need to download and install the VMware PowerCLI into your machine before start.

OK. Let's start now.
-          Check the Network Adapter Type and Adapter Number 1 or 2.
-          In this example, we are going to change Network Adapter 2 to VMXNET3 from E1000.

-          Check the Host where the Guest OS located on.
-          Here Guest OS “xxxx xxxx” is located on Host “xxxxesxi52”.

-          Open the VMware PowerCLI and key in “Connect-VIServer –Server hostname or ip address of host –Protocol https” without double quote to connect to the “Host”.

-          Key in username and password for “Host” to login.

-          You will see as below once you login successfully.
-          Host Server Name, Port Using and Login User.

-          Double check the network adapter by key in “Get-VM 'xxxx xxxx' |Get-Networkadapter” without double quote.

-          Key in “Get-VM  'xxxx xxxx' |Get-Networkadapter |Set-Networkadapter -type vmxnet3” without double quote to change adapter type.
-          You will be asked to perform the changing action with network adapter. Just choose “Yes” or “No” for correct network adapter number that you wish to change the adapter type.

-          You will see the new network adapter type as below if you change its type successfully without any errors.

-          Double confirm the network adapter type from Web Console or vSphere Client as below.

-          Cheer! You’ve done.

(You may google or search in VMware Website depends on version)

To read deepth about VMware Network Adapter Type, please go this link

To read deepth about details instruction and requirement for VMXNET3, please go this link

May you all be happy.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)


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