Moving VMware Host between Clusters

I've got 16 ESXi Server.

New 9 ESXi Servers (5 for Server Cluster and 4 for Workstation Cluster) running as production currently.
Old 7 ESXi Servers (5 for Server Cluster and 2 for Workstation Cluster) and Workstation Cluster is running as production currently. Server Cluster is for backup purpose.

One day I've to remove for 5 ESXi Servers of Server Cluster to make free space of Server Rack for new server increment setup.
But the problem is those old 7 ESXi Servers are located on two rack and some more is two servers from two clusters are located on separate RACK.
So, I've got to move those server to be in same rack and same cluster.

Below are my experience of moving VMs and Host between clusters for reference for who might encounter like me.

Moving host got two method.
1) moving vms from that host and moving the intended host from cluster to cluster by drag and drop with maintenance mode.
2) moving vms from that host and disconnect it from current cluster and re-connect to other cluster without going through maintenance mode. But this method more complicated and more steps to carry on than method 1.
So, I've used method 1 for easy going of my day to do this. But I'll write about method 2 also if got convenient time.

OK. Let's start!
First of all, moving running VMs to other host before entering to maintenace mode for the host that planning to move to other cluster.
Take a closer look at on Screen-shots for details.

Once all running VMs on that host moved, enter it to maintenance mode.

After the host into Maintenance Mode, select it and drag and drop to other cluster that you plan to move then.

Exit host from Maintenance Mode when moving to other cluster has successfully done.

That's it.

Now one host from Server Cluster to Workstation Cluster has been move successfully ( in my case moved from Rack 1 to Rack 2 also).

Next will be moving host from Workstation Cluster to Server Cluster.

OK. Hope you get what you expected from this post.

May you all be happy.
(Be knowledgeable, pass it on then)

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