Solving the "A general system error occured:Invalid fault" error in vSphere 4

Below error was come out when you try to migrate VM to other host for some reason.

Below error was come out when you try to edit VM setting.

Below error was come out when you power on the VM.

How to solve those error?

Here is how I resolve the error!

Login to the Host that errored VM exist by using Terminal or Direct Console.

Enter below command and press enter. restart

Wait until all VMware Services are restarted.

After that try to Power On/Edit Settings or Migrate the errored VM and you will see all you can do without any error pop-up.

This kind of errors can occur if you shutdown/restart VM unproperly or shutdown/restart the Host unproperly that VM exist.

You can check log file deeply if you willing to know precisely on this.

May you all be happy.
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